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The Paint Store: Full Service

Ferguson Paint / The Paint Store: Full Service



Whether its a diy project, or a project you plan to hire out, a full service paint store is by far the easiest and safest way to approach your painting project. Here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider giving Ferguson Paint a call:


    1. Industry Leaders. Who better to either do your project, or give you advice on your project than the industry leaders who are out painting and designing the latest in new homes and renovations.
    2. Warranty. Because we are both the paint store and the painting, we offer exclusive warranties that carry more weight to them because they aren’t operating out of their home. They are not blowing smoke. They are a store. They aren’t going anywhere. Have greater piece of mind by going through Ferguson Paint and Design
    3. Teachers. The staff at Ferguson Paint and Design are eager to teach you how to make your project go smoother. Whether its questions about the process of a project, or how to apply a certain product, they know the most efficient painting methods that achieve the best results.
    4. Price. Our pricing structure gives us access to the best painters our market has to offer. Our goal is to sell paint. So if we provide an experience you enjoy, you will want to come back. So whatever way we can give that experience to you, whether it is through our advice or our services, we strive to get you there.
Allison Hegedes: Lethbridge College Interior Design Student