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Ferguson Paint / Painting

Two Tone Custom Wood painted ceiling

Two tone Traditional Railing

Feature Wall wainscoting & paper

Wainscoting and Hardwood Floor Coating

What makes us special Painters


Painting is one of those things that makes or breaks a job. Unfortunately there are more breaks than makes. Painting is certainly an easy thing to start doing. It’s virtually harmless and very cost friendly, which¬†makes painting the most popular do it yourself project. The difference between a professional and a do it yourselfer often is not as drastic as it should be. Some professionals choose to start a painting business because it’s an easy trade to get into with extremely low start up costs. This causes for lower skilled painters who perform projects where we, or other qualified professionals, must go in and fix.


Quality of Ferguson Paint


There is no argument amongst the Lethbridge painting industry’s leading painters that the quality of the paint and painting at Ferguson Paint is the highest. ¬†Why?

  • Trimwork. Trimwork is the doors, casing, mouldings and other custom woodworking items that require coatings. Most paint companies perform little prep work on these key elements. Ferguson gives these the attention they deserve, just like a cabinet company does on their cabinet doors. Nobody finishes their trim like Ferguson Paint.
  • Walls. What makes a painted wall nice? The consistency of the rolling. The super sharp contrast lines. The razor edge cut lines. Those all contribute to the nicest possible finish a wall can achieve. Ferguson paint gives their customers just that.
  • Teamwork. When working on a project with numerous trades people it is much easier when the trades people are cooperative with one another. Ferguson has the reputation amongst the professionals as being the easiest to work with.
  • Communication. Communication is the leading cause of problems on a project. The painters and painting contractors at Ferguson Paint are masters of good communication which enables the painting to go as smooth as possible.