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Lethbridge Pro Painters Club

Ferguson Paint / Lethbridge Pro Painters Club

The Pros

The Advice

The Projects

Lethbridge Pro Painters Club

Ferguson Paint and Design has created the Lethbridge Pro Painters Club and acts as a hub for painters to come together and discuss their professions over a cup of hot cocoa, can of pop, or some good ol’ coffee (we apparently brew up a Top Notch brew).

Not only does Ferguson Paint and Design use the most skilled painters in Lethbridge, the requirement is that these craftsman must love what they do in order to work for us. The Pro Club has three sections:

  1. The Pros
  2. The Advice
  3. The Projects

The Pros:


This section introduces you to the craftsmen painters and craftswomen painters of Lethbridge who work with Ferguson paint and design.

The Advice: 


This section contains content from fellow painters in different markets who spend alot of their valuable time adding excellent educational videos in the name of spreading the word of good painting all around the world.

The Projects:


This section contains unique pictures and stories behind the projects that Ferguson Paint and Design work on.