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DIY Masters Painting Club Lethbridge

Ferguson Paint / DIY Masters Painting Club Lethbridge

Ferguson Paint’s DIY Masters Club

Lethbridge’s only full service paint store opens the door for ALL diy painters to achieve the best quality in the fastest times for their projects.  The DIY Masters club showcases our customers, their projects and the stories behind the projects. Please be patient as we work on this over time.




Have you ever wondered: “Can I paint my kitchen cabinets?” Have you asked around if they actually CAN be painted?
Well of course YOU can paint them. Anyone can paint, right? Laugh out Loud. Most diy painters don’t access the proper advice, so they end up making a task way more difficult than it should be, and it ends up not looking like it should. So yes, everyone can paint, but NO, they cannot do it right because they aren’t the pros. Amanda stepped into our doors questioning her decision to paint her kitchen. Going from solid wood Alder to a painted look is always gonna be a tough call. She was also questioning whether it would look nice or not.

We, the pro’s at Ferguson paint Lethbridge , assured her that we would guide her through the process, step by step, to make sure this would end up in a happy customer. So we made a comprehensive step by step instruction list, as well as a supply list, and provided a paint sprayer.
We at are here to make any painting project easier so you save money, time (even more money), stress, and your project turns out just like the pro’s.


Josh and Anthea

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