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Ferguson Paint / Wainscoting


There are many different types of wainscoting. Each style brings its own personality to the space, and your home definitely needs more personality!

Wainscoting also offers enhanced durability for the wall. Some systems boast solid wood panels that hold up incredibly to wear and tear.

The different types of wainscoting are:

  1. faux panel. This style of wainscoting is a popular choice for customers who don’t want to replace flooring or remove existing trimwork. It is also the cheapest style.
  2. raised panel. This style is very intricate in its fabrication. It is extremely durable because the full wall is solid.
  3. Recessed panel. This style uses rails and styles overtop of the wall with a trim piece that recesses onto the wall. The wall can remain uncovered, or thin sheets of veneer or mdf can be added to the centers to get the added durability.
  4. Flat Rail and Stile. This style of wainscoting uses the horizontal rails and vertical stiles overtop of the existing drywall to create the look. There are numerous elaborations to this style that can be incorporated.
  5. Tongue and Groove/Beadboard wainscoting. This is a popular choice in country style homes, or arts and crafts.
  6. Any other sort of elaboration on wainscoting that can be imagined is completely possible